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Every product and grout stain colorant colors on this web site is in stock for immediate delivery! If you need any help with your coloring project no matter the size call us we have over 30 years experience in the Tile & Grout Installation and Restoration field and we are here to help :) Click HERE to see GDC Colorant Application Video Grout Stain prepared fresh everyday for our customers. Last product update 7-31-14 Feel free to write to us at any time


Tile & Grout Restoration Services 

Tile, Grout & Stone Installation and Restoration Contractors. Serving Long Island New York and the Tri State Area for over 15 years! From Montauk to Manhattan and Beyond. Call 631-506-8456 or  888-249-0240 to speak with an expert or schedule an estimate.                            

We are Tile, Grout and Stone Installation and Restoration contractors. We also Specialize in Complete and Dustless grout and mortar removal and Grout Color Sealing. We are located on beautiful Long Island, New York and currently serve the Tri-State Area with our Installation and Restoration services. We specialize in services unlike those of "regular tile contractors". Here you will find an in depth list of the services we can provided for you.  We are willing to travel any where in the USA.  If you have a question regarding an up and coming project and are considering contracting our company please contact us. 631-506-8456 or write  Also you can visit our contracting web site at for more information

Grout Coloring Grout Removal Tile Installation
Grout Sealing Grout Replacement Tile Removal
Grout Cleaning Stone Stripping Tile Replacement
Tile Cleaning Stone Cleaning Cement board
Grout Steam Cleaning Stone Sealing Mud Floor Installation  
Tile Steam Cleaning Tuck Pointing Expansion Joint Caulking
Epoxy Grout Demolition Design


Grout Coloring- We can recolor your grout back to its original color or change the color to any color that you would like. Grout Coloring will make your old grout look new again and keep your newly installed grout looking new. Grout Coloring will also color and seal your grout at the same time. Grout Coloring is a great  way to make an old floor look like it was installed a month ago!

Grout Sealing- We install high quality clear sealers for both new and old grout.

Grout Cleaning- Our Grout Cleaning Services will clean your grout and prepare it for either a clear sealer or a grout colorant. 

Tile Cleaning- We can professionally clean your tile back to its original look

Grout Steam Cleaning- We can steam clean your grout to remove dirt, germs and grime

Tile Steam Cleaning- We can steam clean your tile to remove dirt, germs and grime

Epoxy Grout Installation- We can install true epoxy grout, which is highly stain resistant, great for commercial installations and easy to maintain

Grout Removal- Our grout removal system is dustless, and will remove grout both on floors and walls from 100 square feet to 10,000 square feet. We remove all of the grout completely right down to the setting material, so new grout can be installed 

Grout Replacement- Grout Replacement is the installation of missing or cracked, chipped grout is area's that need it

Stone Stripping- The striping of old sealers from all types of natural stone, natural tiles, terra cotta, marble, slate, etc- indoors or outside. This process will remove the old sealers that could be worn, dirty, stained etc, in preparation for installation of new high end sealers

Stone Cleaning- After stripping of old sealers or just cleaning newly installed stone, terra cotta, marble, slate, etc for preparation of stone enhancer or sealer

Tuck Pointing- Removal of mortar joints and re pointing of joints

Tile Installation- We install all types of tile, stone, terra cotta, slate, marble, glass mosaics, on floors and walls from 10 square feet to 10, 0000. We do both high end custom deigns work  and basic layouts

Tile Removal- This is the removal of tile in preparation for new tile

Tile Replacement- Tile replacement is for the customer that has a couple cracked or broken tiles in their floor or walls. We can take out the broken ones and replace them with other tiles if you have extra ones or we can remove tiles from a closet/ under a stove etc to repair a broken tile in the middle of your floor

Cement board- Installation of cement backer board

Mud Floor Installation- Installation of mud floors

Expansion Joint Caulking- Caulking of all expansion joints in showers, tubs, sinks, wet area's and back splashes

Design- Custom design work for all types of tile, stone, terra cotta, slate, marble, glass mosaics, on floors and walls


The below references are just a few of the jobs that The Grout Dye Company has contracted over the years, using qualified installation techniques and our own proprietary grout restoration products. Please keep in mind that while some of our clients are listed here that they all deserve the same privacy that you and I would enjoy.  

Places of interest; Commercial work:

Hilton Hotel #1 First Hilton Place Stammford, CT - GDC grout restoration of over 10,000 sq ft of porcelain tile. Strip and clean all grout joint or 18" x 18" Porcelain tile then recolor all grout joints with GDC grout colorant. Attention Tim Connoly

Alchemy Properties NY, NY

Main Office 34th West 22nd St. 2nd Floor, NY, NY

Job Site # 1 - Lookout Hill Condos, 199 State Street, Brooklyn NY

Attention- Trent M

Restoration of 100 plus bathrooms at Lookout Hill Condos, including

Expansion joint caulking, grout repair, tile replacement, GDC grout coloring of all walls and floors. over 100 bathrooms

Job Site #2- 121 West 19th Street, NY, NY

Attention- Jennifer Z

Restoration of bathrooms at West 19th Street, including caulking, grout repair, tile replacement, grout coloring of all walls and floors, and grout sealing.

Riverhead Dinosaur Museum LI, NY - Installation of mud and floor and wall tile in 6 different bathrooms. Installation of grout and seal. GDC grout coloring work, Installation of marble saddles.

Southampton Hospital LI, NY -

All work done at night. While under strict hospital guidelines of hospital safety and cleanliness. Wall tile installations, complete and dustless grout removal, caulking, grouting, grout sealing, broken tile removal and replacement GDC grout coloring work.

McDonalds - Rocky point and Uniondale LI, NY

Removal and replacement of quarry tile 600 sq. ft. with floated cement base. Complete regrouting of ladies and Men's bathrooms, caulking, Repair of quarry in playground area. Installation of tile in sun room area 300 sq. ft.

Wading River Hotels LI, NY- 4x4 wall tile installation 1,000 sq. ft. different areas. Complete regrouting of over 30 bathrooms, with caulking work, GDC grout coloring work.

Fred Martin Home Builders LI, NY- Grout removal and Grout Recoloring work 6,000 sq. ft. Contact - Jesse

Eastwind Caterers and Hotel Facilities LI, NY- Installation of 8x8 ceramic tile floor on backerboard with saddle, in men's room, Installation of 4x4 tile for shower in maintenance garage. Grout Recoloring of Ladies powder room floor. Grout recoloring of Men's room.

La pizziola LI, NY - Restoration of 500 sq. ft. of concrete slab, remove grease and contaminants from slab for new tile, stripped with Methylene Chloride. Installation of 13x13 ceramic tile. Acid wash grout joints. Grout Recoloring of all bathrooms.

Setauket Bagel store LI, NY -Installation of ceramic tile on counter walls 80 sq.ft. with borders, and grout. Strip quarry floor and acid wash and seal tile and grout.

Custom Building Products (Manufacturer of Polyblend Grouts) Seal Beach, CA - Complete Grout Removal work. GDC Grout Recoloring. Miscellaneous jobs. from 1996-2001

Super-tek Manufacturer of Super-Tek Grouts Queens, NY - GDC Grout Recoloring 12x12 tile, that had wrong color grout.

Cancos Tile Distribution Corp. Farmingdale, NY- Grout recoloring job South Hampton, 13x13 tile grout recoloring wrong color grout was installed.

Southampton Brick and Tile Wainscott LI, NY- Attn. Scott Grout re coloring , and grout removal of wall tile 2 different occasions.

Poland Spring Water Bridgeport, CT - Tile removal and replacement, grout removal and replacement, GDC grout coloring, all work was done due to water damage in home by Poland Spring Water.

WJ Northridge Construction LI, NY - Attn: Ray Goynn, Complete grout restoration

Smith Aerospace, LI, NY Complete GDC grout restoration work,

Honeywell Technologies - Restoration of 6 Large Women and Mens restrooms , Strip, Clean, Color Seal.

Fred Martin Home Builders LI, NY Grout removal and Grout Recoloring work

Southampton Brick and Tile, Southampton LI, NY - Attention: Blake Grout restoration and grout removal work

North East Carpentry, LI NY - Sub contracting of multiple jobs over the course of 12 years.

Mr. Ed D. Port Jefferson,  NY.

1. Tiled 3 bathrooms in limestone, Mud work in shower, with chair rails and inlays, marble soap dishes, and bullnose tile.

2. Tiled kitchen backsplash with tumbled marble with 45 degree inlay above stove area.

3. Tile and designed outside counter grill, with limestone veneer open cleft and porcelain tile on countertop.

4. Tiled outside pool house 12x12 porcelain. Grout recoloring. grout sealing.

Mr. Jeff L. East Hampton NY.

1. Master - bath limestone 9x15, lg. shower with shampoo niche, Mosaic limestone shower floor on 5x9 mud pan, 16x16 limestone floor. All sealed with stone enhancer.

2. Hall bath - Shower stall - Tiled with subway style crackled glass. Shower floor Mosaic, Mexican black pearls, on mud base. With Niche and honed blue stone saddle.

3. Kids bath - Installation of 300 sq.ft. of white glass mosaic tile set on tub wall and perimeter walls, set on Hardibacker board. Mosaic floor, Mosaic white penny rounds. All grouted.

Mr. Chuck G. Ridge NY.

1. Installation of 18x18 Porcelain tile set 496 sq.ft. set on 45 dgr. angle with 1/8 inch grout joints.

2. Installation of 12x12 tiles in office 120 sq.ft.

Mrs. F. - Pound Ridge NY.

Master bathroom - Tumbled limestone 7x13 subway style 350 sq.ft. on perimeter walls at wainscot height, with chair rails around perimeter of room, Jacuzzi and in shower stall, Jerusalem gold 4x4 tumbled marble on shower floor, on mud base, also included.

2nd level hall bath - White subway tiles around tub install.

Mosaic tile octagons on floor with backer board.

Kitchen - 7x12 Terracotta pre stained tiles , Mocha, in kitchen, dining room, butlers pantry, mud room, small bathroom 325, sq.ft. Installed with sanded grout, and sealed.

3. Powder bathroom - Green Crackled glass set in subway fashion, with shower niche, Ming Green tumbled marble on shower floor, set on mud base. Installation of 12x12 polished Ming Green on bathroom floor. All grouted and sealed.

Mrs. Loana W - Wading River NY.

1. Installation of 4x4 Jerusalem gold tumbled marble backsplash, with grout not in crevices.

2. Installation of multi patterned Porcelain tile consisting of 6x6, 6x12 12x12, 12x18 random in Florida room 300 sq.ft.



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